85% of Apple iPhones are running on iOS 14


85% of Apple iPhones are running on iOS 14

According to the data, collected by analyzing App Store visits on June 3, only 10 percent of Apple users with an iPhone released in the last four years are running an older version of iOS, which means that the rest are running on a higher version of iOS. Apple also released new iOS adoption statistics, indicating that iOS 14 is now installed on 85 percent of all iPhones and 90 percent of devices released in the last four years

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AppleInsider reported that about 8 percent of iPhone users are on iOS 13, while 2 percent are running an earlier version. Among all devices that Apple is tracking, 85 percent are running iOS 14. As with iPhones released in the last four years, 8 percent are running iOS 13.

On the other hand, reported that 91 percent of iPads released in the last four years are on iPadOS 14, while 8 percent are using iPadOS 13 and 1 percent are using an older operating system update.

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The iOS 14 update appears to be making way more than the previous versions. In June of 2020, the newest version at the time iOS 13 was only installed on 81 percent of all compatible iPhone models. Apple is already working on iOS 15 to succeed the iOS 14, but still in the beta phase but not yet available to the public alongside iPhone 13.

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