Honda Android Auto Explanation Misses Key Detail


Honda Android Auto Explanation Misses Key Detail

Honda is among the car manufacturer using Android Auto, the Japanese car company explains how to use the android auto in a youtube video recently published and also just how easy it is to begin using the system in its car models.

In the youtube videos which was released last week, Honda Used a 2021 Accord for demonstration, Honda shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the wireless version of Android Auto, which allows you to use the app without the need for a cord.

Honda fails to mention the phone that is going to support the android auto when the demo was being played. Honda does say that you “need a compatible Android smartphone,”, Not know that Google restricted the wireless mode of Android Auto to the Pixel series and Samsung phones on Android 10.

Google decided to remove this requirement for all devices with the release of Android 11, so all models running the new operating system can launch Android Auto wirelessly the car company supports it.

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