Flash/Install Stock ROM with Amlogic USB Burning Tool


If you own a smart android device and you need to flash in the official ROM(firmware). With the official ROM, you can get OTA Updates and another benefit the device manufacturing is giving to their users.

Before you start to flash the stock ROM, please make sure you make a back up of the previous ROM. A charged battery is required to be the process. We will not be responsible if anything goes wrong, Good luck.

Why you need the Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

  • Downgrade or Upgrade your phone

You can use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to flash Stock ROM to downgrade your smartphone or upgrade your phone to Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo or later. It depends on the release of the firmware or your choice if the option is available.

  • Unbrick any smartphone.

Like we said before, you can use Amlogic USB Burning Tool to completely unbrick any bricked smartphone. Smartphones can be bricked in the process of rooting or flashing a custom firmware or rom or recovery.

  • Unroot any phone.
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You can also use your smartphone stock firmware to completely unroot any smartphone. You also can regain your warranty by properly flashing the official stock firmware. It can be done by reverting back to the official stock firmware of your phone if your smartphone has tampered.

  • Fix Issues on your smartphone.

Your smartphone might develop an issue that might be unknown to it you, if it a software-related issue, you can restore and fix it by flashing the stock firmware for your smartphone. Today, we are presenting all the Official Firmware, both Official releases and updates following it. You can download all your smartphone Firmware here. If you experience any problem with any of the files, don’t hesitate to tell us.

Requirements to flash your smartphone with Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

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How to Flash your smartphone firmware using Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

  • Download and install the Amlogic USB Driver on your computer (if in case Amlogic Drivers are already installed on the computer, then SKIP this step).
  • Download (v1.2.8) and extract the Amlogic Burning Tool on your computer. After extracting the tool, you will be able to see the following files:
  • Now, Open ImageBurnTool.exe to Launch the Tool.
  • Once Tool is launched, you will be able to see the following window:
  • Now, Assuming you are having a .zip stock firmware of your Amlogic Device, then in that situation, you need to Click on Config Menu > Import Upgrade File > Locate and Select the zipped firmware.

If you are having a .xml based Amlogic Firmware, in that situation you need to Click on Config Menu > Import Config File > Locate and Select the config .xml file (found in the firmware).

  • Now, Boot your device into the Download Mode or Recovery Mode and Connect it to the computer.
  • Once your device is connected to the computer, you will be able to see the Connect in the Status Area and Device Name in the Device List Area.
  • Now, Click on the Start Button to begin the Flashing Process.
  • Now, Flashing Process will begin and may take 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Once the flashing process is completed, You will see Success Status.
  • Now, Click on Stop Button to Stop the Flashing Process.
  • Now, Close the Amlogic Burning Tool on your computer and disconnect your device from the computer.
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Congratulations, You just learned to flash the .zip or .xml based stock firmware on any Amlogic based Mobile Device in the world.

If the Smartphone Flash Tool didn’t detect your smartphone, you might need to press the volume down or up button but do not power your phone. If you don’t install all the necessary drivers, you may experience issues detecting your phone with the PC.

There are many problems you might experience while trying to flash your smartphone with Amlogic USB Burning Tool, you can google them and will definitely find a solution.


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