How To Root Android Device With iRoot App


You may also need to get good preparation if you choose to root Android device without a computer. Check “Unknown sources” to ensure the rooting app installation. At the same time, the stable Wi-Fi condition is the requisition;

How To Root Android Device Using iRoot

  • Download iRoot for the Android version on your android device.
  • Place the apk file of iRoot on your Android phone. Prepare to install it now.
  • Tab on the logo of iRoot on your phone. Start the rooting process by opening it.
  • iRoot will remind you that your Android Device has no root permission. Here touch the “Get Root access” button on the interface.

How To Root Android Device With iRoot App

  • iRoot will try to root your phone now. Just wait for several seconds.
  • Android Device is going to reboot after success.
  • Done!


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