How To Root Android Devices With Framaroot


Framaroot explores each mobile by its model, operating system, chipset and runs a set of commands that will turn the exploit into a rooting opportunity. This enables the app to root/unroot your mobile with one-click.

As rooting is against the rules of Google guidelines, the app isn’t available to download from Google Play Store. You can download Framaroot APK’s latest version for Android below.

Features of Framaroot

Simple and easy UI: Framaroot is designed by keeping beginners in mind. So even if you don’t have previous experience, rooting is easy.

Execute scripts: You can execute custom scripts in the OS using Framaroot. These scripts can be exploits or just tweaks to the already existing operating system.

One-click root: As the app functions by finding exploits within Android, you can just root your device with one click. Root directly from the app homepage.

Root without PC/Computer: Never use your computer again to satisfy your root needs. Framaroot has it all sorted. You can perform advanced root functions directly with the app.

SuperSU installation: Framaroot 1.9.3 APK installs SuperSU by default after rooting the phone. ‘#su’ is a command that is used for root-level permissions in operating systems. Perform these functions with SuperSU.

Root/Unroot: Unrooting an Android device is a very risky process that can result in screen deaths or RAM issues. Framaroot simplifies everything by allowing you to root/unroot within minutes.

Mod APK Support: Framaroot App roots your mobile perfectly and enables support for many Mod Apks that need root access. So, install apps like Spotify Premium Apk, Facetune Mod Apk, AC Market, Gamekiller No root Apk and many more root required apps easily.

How To Download And Install Framaroot

To download and install Framaroot, you must at least maintain Android 1.5 and higher. Although Framaroot is compatible with all Android versions, it is recommended that you use Android 4.4 and higher.

As APK files are third party software, the default Android security settings will not allow APK installations. We can change this by enabling the ‘external sources’ option from settings. To enable APK installations,

  • First, download Framaroot APK 2019. All the versions of the app are the same irrespective of language. So, download the latest version.
  • After downloading, try to install the app by clicking on it. If you encounter an ‘installation blocked’ or ‘unable to install’ error, then you must change your Android settings. If you’ve already installed APKs before, the app will be installed without errors.

How to install Framaroot on Android

  • Go to your Menu>Settings>Security. Here, find the ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ option and tick the box beside it to enable it. Now you can install any APK file.
  • Open the Framaroot app from your downloads to start installing.

How to Root Android Devices using Framaroot and SuperSU?

Framaroot is only a rooting app that can’t be used to modify superuser commands. To do this, we need SuperSU – the best command app for rooted mobiles. The app can also be directly downloaded from Google Play Store but it won’t be useful if the device is not rooted. So, after rooting via exploits, Framaroot App will install SuperSU to check commands. Follow these steps to root your mobile.

Framaroot apk download, how to root

  • Open Framaroot and you will find the ‘Root’ option on the homepage.
  • To root mobile, click on ‘Root’. The app will now check for potential exploits in your device. If you are running Android 1.5 to 4.5, chances are very better. If you are running the latest version of Android, there is a little chance of finding exploits.
  • Once the app completes the scan for exploits, it will show you the below options.
  • Exploit successful – this means Framaroot found exploits on your device and is ready to be rooted.
  • Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit – this means your phone is too secure to find an exploit and can’t be rooted.
  • If you encounter the second option, try rooting manually by the USB debugging method, or else try other rooting apps like Kingroot.

add exploit in framaroot, exploit results framaroot

  • If you get the ‘Exploit Successful’ message, click ‘Ok’ and go to available exploits. Try with each of the exploits found and your device will be rooted with any one of the exploits.
  • Once your device is rooted, you will get three options.
  • Execute Scripts
  • Unroot
  • Install SuperSU

Choose any of the options once your device is rooted.

How To Install SuperSU and update binaries

how to root using framaroot and supersu
Select ‘Install Superuser’ and select an exploit for testing.

Once the device is rooted with exploits, you can check for superuser permissions by installing SuperSU. Once the root process finishes, you have selected an option by default. Read this guide to update binaries on Framaroot.

  • Select ‘Install Super User‘ or ‘Install Super SU‘.
  • If the exploit is successful, you will get a  ‘Congratulations, your device is now rooted’ message. Now reboot your device and your Android mobile will be rooted from the boot.
  • You can now modify, view, or edit super users’ permissions for root apps.

How to execute scripts with Framaroot?

Executing custom scripts is one of the most used features by core Android developers. This feature is used to test the highest limits of Android in terms of performance, speed, and storage.

  • Your device must be already rooted. If it’s rooted and running with SuperSU, open the app dashboard and click on the ‘Execute scripts’ option.
  • Create a custom script or upload a script.
  • Execute.

How to unroot with Framaroot?

Rooting and Unrooting are the easiest processes with Framaroot. Once you’re sure that your device needs unrooting. open the app and check whether your device is rooted correctly with SuperSU.

  • If your device is rooted properly, you will see the option ‘Unroot’.
  • Click on ‘Unroot’. This will bring a permission popup message.
  • Click ‘yes’ to start unrooting your device.

Unlike Rooting, unrooting is a risky process that can lead to bricking, shut down, or sudden restart. Your mobile will restart automatically after unrooting.


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