How to Unlock Apple iPhone While Wearing a Mask


How to Unlock Apple iPhone While Wearing a Mask

Am going to say it, it is been difficult to unlock phones since the face mask via COVID 19 pandemic, many users have to look for a way to secure their phones, Apple iPhone happen to be one of the smartphones that use the Face ID feature. The Face ID is a security feature that takes a face print and keeps it on phone, whenever you want to unlock your phone, you have to place your face on the phone while the smartphone scans your face with front or selfie camera, till the detect you face print in collaboration with the copy that was stored on the phone, before unlocking the phone, all these take milliseconds.

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Here we are going to discuss Apple iPhone, you must have the iPhone X series and everything above it, except the iPhone SE (2nd generation). Ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or later. On the other hand, This unlocks method work with Apple Watch, your Apple Watch needs to Series 3 or later, running watchOS 7.4 or later.

How To Set Up The Unlock With Apple Watch Feature?

You can enable this feature from the Settings app on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Enter your iPhone’s passcode.
  3. Scroll down to the heading Unlock with Apple Watch. Enable the toggle for your Apple Watch. If the option is grayed out, you may not have updated to iOS 14.5 or watchOS 7.5 or later.
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How To Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch?

Ensure that your Apple Watch has a passcode set up and wrist detection turned on.

  • Once you have your watch on your wrist and a mask on your face, pair your phone and your Apple Watch, ensuring that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on for both devices.
  • To unlock, Turn on your iPhone and look at it for your iPhone to unlock instantly. You will then feel a vibration on your wrist along with an alert on your Apple Watch indicating that your phone is now unlocked.
  • When you turned your iPhone on accidentally, tap Lock iPhone on the new alert on the display of your Apple Watch. You will be asked to enter your password the next time you unlock using your Apple Watch.
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Note – You will also be asked to enter your passcode on your iPhone the first time you put on your watch to use the feature. The passcode will have to be entered every time you remove and put it on your Apple Watch.


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