MIJIA Ultra-thin Induction Cooker From Xiaomi Has an OLED knob & NFC support

MIJIA Ultra-thin Induction Cooker From Xiaomi Has an OLED knob & NFC support

Xiaomi is on the verge of bringing everything around us to the digital side, that is good at least things will be faster and portable, last week we saw the mi scooter and Gaming TV, and today they unveil a cooker.

Xiaomi has officially released the MIJIA Ultra-thin Induction Cooker which is possible, the greatest induction cooker that the company has launched yet. The device comes with a premium compact design with an ultra-thin construction that is just 23mm thick. Currently, 499 yuan is available.

The inductive cooker is an ultra-thin medium to high-end product. The thickness is identical to the thickness of ceramic material, which may be used in the plate rack. The 100W low-power heating support for the MIJIA Ultra-thin Induction Cooker. The strength of the fire may be changed at 99 levels. XiaoAI and the NFC app support are also provided.

The cooker has an outstanding central temperature sensor and the bottom right corner with an OLED button. Black heat-resistant paint is included in the whole body.

Furthermore, the three-level energy efficiency and weighs just 2,3kg of MIJIA Ultra-thin Induction Cooker. The whole size is 350 x 280 x 23 mm while the power cord is 1,2 m long.

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