PUBG Mobile India Released Beta for Download


PUBG Mobile India Released Beta for Download

The Mobile India battleground is finally ready to play, kind of like the PUBG Mobile alternative. The game was only available for a few testers in open beta. In the first week of May, Battlegrounds Mobile India was unveiled, which was pre-registered on 18 May. Fans have been looking forward to the game since then.

Krafton revealed that the game is Early Access or Open Beta via its official Mobile India Facebook page, and fans may download and play. It seems that just a restricted number of beta testers had beta access for a short period of time and that Google Play is a full-on testing program. The beta test link either displays an ‘internal server problem’ or the notice below that the testing program reaches the highest number of testing devices.

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Krafton reported in a press release that on Thursday more open beta spots will be available. “Progress achieved in Early Access will take the final edition of the game, including the purchases in the game. There will be an increased number of Early Access Slots throughout the day. The early access connection will stay the same as above, “Read the declaration.

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PUBG Mobile India Released Beta for Download

One of the people with Early Access to Battleground Mobile India reveals that the size of the game would be 721MB. Along with those who had access to Twitter, a number of users were unable and voiced their displeasure.

Ershad Kaleebullah of MySmartPrice offered some gameplay footage and a few insights about Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are several safe gaming warnings in the in-game blood, data from PUBG Mobile may be sent and no OTP is required for login. Even the map and configuration choices appear to be PUBG Mobile.

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