Redmi 10 shows up on NBTC certification website


Redmi 10 shows up on NBTC certification website

The forthcoming Xiaomi Redmi 10 smartphone was recently found with model number 21061119AG on the NBTC certification website. The smartphone manufacturer still has to announce the phone officially, but the listing indicates that it might come shortly. At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi released Redmi 9 Power, and only the smartphones of the Redmi subbrand series have since been presented. The Redmi 10 is anticipated to reach Redmi Note 10 as an inexpensive smartphone.

Since the phone has been spotted on the NBTC certification website, it will launch in Thailand first, before coming to other markets including India. The listing doesn’t reveal any specifications or features of the Redmi 10. However, a few of them were confirmed earlier by the renders on e-commerce websites. The NBTC certification only confirms the model number of the phone. This confirms that the Redmi 10 will launch in Thailand soon.

As the phone was found on the NBTC certification website, it will be launched in Thailand before reaching other countries, such as India. No specifications or functions of Redmi 10 can be found in the listing. However, some of the reports on e-commerce websites have been validated in the past. Only the phone model number is confirmed by the NBTC certificate. The Redmi 10 will soon be launched in Thailand.


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