Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with NFC is coming to Italy and Europe


Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with NFC is coming to Italy and Europe

The only alternative for fans outside the company’s home market has been Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 NFC in China so far, with a non-NFC variant. However, a recent certification indicates that Xiaomi might be preparing to launch the Mi Band 6 NFC.

In March, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Smart Band 6, also available in various countries as the Mi Band 6. There were only two different NFC variants in the company: XMSH15HM and XMSH16HM. XMSH15HM is currently available worldwide, which is the NFC-free version. On the other hand, Xiaomi only in China sells XMSH16HM.

This has already occurred with fitness trackers like Mi Band 5 in Xiaomi. It also took Xiaomi one year, and only in Russia, to publish the Mi Smart Band NFC 4. But XiaomiToday found that Xiaomi has the XMSH16HM approved in Italy.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with NFC is coming to Italy and Europe
Although certifications do not ensure the distribution of the gadget, they are often a positive indicator that a business wants to commercialize a product. On the whole, Xiaomi is expected in Italy, if not in the entire eurozone, to introduce the NFC Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi presumably was able to expand its partnership for the Eurozone Mastercard, which debuted with the NFC Mi Smart Band 4 last year. This means, hopefully, that the Mi Band 6 NFC supports a multitude of bank cards based on Mastercard and not Mastercard.


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