Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Launched


Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Launched

Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is the name of Xiaomi’s new, lightweight, wireless vacuum cleaner that makes it easier for us to change modes and view battery status with the integrated LCD screen.

In addition, this new Xiaomi Hand Vacuum Cleaner, as opposed to all other models, was created in black leaving other vacuum cleaners, such as the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 behind the white color.

The new Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner is made of lightweight but simultaneously highly resistant components. Among them, we discover carbon fiber, which may reach a weight of just 1.2 kilos through the main arm of the vacuum cleaner.

But here it doesn’t end. This new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and features a strong motor with a suction power capacity of 21000Pa, 100AW. This is paired with a system consisting of 9 cyclones which can eliminate 99.99 percent of dust mites together with a HEPA filter.

With regard to autonomy, a battery may provide an unruptured period of up to 45 minutes with the new Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner. It is coupled with an LCD monitor through which its status and the individual suction modes may be viewed.

In addition to this, this new handheld vacuum cleaner offers all forms of complements: variable suction pins, a spinning brush for all floors, and numerous components for fabrics, beds, and all types of couches.

The new Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia is already available for sale in China at 1,499 yuan, around 197 euros. Yet, like previous vacuum cleaners of the firm did, it is very probable that it will soon reach our market.


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