Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition Going Worldwide


Xiaomi begins the deployment of MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition Globally

Xiaomi started rolling out MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition out of China once the distribution of MIUI 12.5 was nearly complete. An update that includes three major new features and a large range of corrections to bugs.

If we remember, MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition provides a mechanism capable of prioritizing some activities to release processors and RAM memory, which Xiaomi termed “liquid storage.” The improvement of the degrees of fragmentation and “atomic memory”

This upgraded MIUI 12.5 version also includes “focus calculation” – the new algorithm which gives priority to the user’s most obvious process to enhance system fluidity and speed.

MIUI 12.5 The enhanced edition has begun to appear on the Xiaomi Mi 11X (India) and a few different versions of POCO F3 (global) after its global market launch, therefore providing it with a certain improvement in system flow and a wide range of adjustments.

With the MIUI 12.5 enhanced edition being launched outside China, Xiaomi is likely to soon start updating the remainder of the compatible devices.

Here is the lint of devices that will MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition Shortly

  • Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi Mi 11i
  • Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11X
  • Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10T
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10
  • POCO F2 Pro


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