Xiaomi Showcases Keyboard for Mi Pad 5


Xiaomi Showcases Keyboard for Mi Pad 5

We have seen many leaks and accessories about the upcoming Xiaomi mi pad 5, including the specifications and renders. Xiaomi spreads another leak for the Mi Pad 5 which will be released on August 10, which is a keyboard and casing for the tablet.

The keyboard looks like it has rounded corners, and also looks like it has a skin-like texture.

Xiaomi also showed off a Mi Pad 5 poster confirming stylus support on the tablet. From the same poster, it can also be seen that the body of the Mi Pad 5 has a flat design, made of metal, and antenna lines that indicate the presence of an LTE/5G connection.

More complete information of course will only be available when Xiaomi inaugurates the Mi Pad 5 on 10 August. Rumors circulated that there are three series of tablets that will be released by Xiaomi, namely Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Lite, and Mi Pad 5 Pro.

All three are said to have a 10.9-inch IPS screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz. There are two systems on a chip (SoC) used, namely Snapdragon 860 and 870.

This Mi Pad 5 has a model number of 21051182G and has appeared on several registration pages in a number of countries, including the FCC. From the registration page, it can be seen that the operating system used is MIUI 12.5 and the maximum power of the charger is 22.5W.

The appearance of the stylus above the surface of the Mi Pad 5 screen. Yes, this seems to be an official confirmation of the previously circulating leak which said Xiaomi’s new tablet will support digital pens.


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