Xiaomi To Boost Self-Driving By Hiring Experts

Xiaomi To Boost Self-Driving By Hiring Experts

With a fresh wave of hiring, China’ s electronic behemoth Xiaomi reinforces his own driving aspirations. On Wednesday, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, stated on the social media that 500 professionals hire to assist develop autonomous drive technology at level 4, the second-highest level of autonomy, which in many cases allows cars to drive without human intervention.

Almost all of the openings in the Beijing district of Haidian, where Xiaomi is situated, cover a variety of areas including millimeter-wave image processing techniques, high-precision mapping, imitation learning and deep learning.

A month ago the South China Morning Post announced that Xiaomi was running an online ad offering 20 independent driving jobs, including in data platforms, car infrastructures and highly accurate mapping.

In March, the Giant smartphone revealed intentions to put up an early investment of 10 billion yuan (1.5 billion dollars) in a new smart vehicle business, which would jump into the electric car industry together with technologist heavyweights like Baidu.

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