Xiaomi Working On Mix Fold To Beat Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

Xiaomi Working On Mix Fold To Beat Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

There appears to be a new Xiaomi Mix Fold. At least that is how the recent reports emerge from China that the firm has already a new folding smartphone ready for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 5G.

As we’ll learn from Android Administration, Xiaomi wouldn’t be making a new Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 but instead a Mix Fold 1S, a modest upgrade of the existing model that focuses on the display and quick charging of the device.

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 1S would apparently be a big new feature to an under-screen auto camera, much like that seen in the Xiaomi Mix 4, according to this latest rumor. As a result, the front would be better used and the emotion would become much higher.

Moreover, we would uncover another major novelty in her batteries.

This would be around 5,020mAh, with a quick load of 120W, in turn, giving it the ability to load in a few minutes.

In summary, Xiaomi already appears to be considering updating its initial folding unit, all to confront its major opponent, Samsung in this case. What if this was an upgrade, as we mentioned, thus the name of Xiaomi Mix Fold 1S was its probable name.

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